A similar boring guitar case can also be the most beautiful, well thought out thing in the world.


Crafted by hand with Italian leather, finished off with gold embossed buckles. It’s able to both be humble, and a forever piece to keep in your own home and for your precious violin to sit in.


Taking inspiration from all around is important to designing custom cases. Here is a briefcase handle, with a circular carved out centre fold-over flop.


Using top quality leather that has been treated will help ensure the pieces last for generations. When your violin can be passed down through generations too, it’s important to have it secure and encased in something that will hug and love your violin.


Choose from a range of more exotic leather designs to help you create a unique piece for your beloved instrument.


The inner lining of the violin case is also important to consider. You want something that will protect your violin:

Historically, the inner liner may be made with felt, or a range of animal’s fur. Now many of our clients will ask for a vegan option. For many of the leather outer covering and also for fur lining. We have a similar vegan/ fake fur and leather option for your cases.


If you are a beginner looking for a good violin brand, try this website: https://violinio.com/

Where they recommend a range of different violins to help you get started in learning an instrument.


Violins can be difficult to learn to begin with but gets much easier after around 7-8 years. This is because the ear training and develop requirement is much higher than other classical instruments. Such as piano.


On a piano, you can simply hit a key and produce a note. On violin, mm difference in the positioning of your fingers result in a completely different quality of sound.


On a guitar, on the other hand, has frets, which easily help guide your fingers to be in the correct position, and the frets help to produce a more accurate sound.


The technique of bowing also makes a huge difference in terms of playing the violin as well.