Thomas Fel has dedicated his life to music and to the creation of cases for musical instruments.

Fel Violins have been running in this family for generations and Thomas was able to bring the old historic techniques of case making to the 21st Century.


He took beautiful crafted materials, and created these meticulously made, leather bound violin cases. With gold embossed lettering.

Violin custom cases

Having been very popular in the violin world, he has started branching out into other musical instrumental cases. Often taking on custom orders for guitars, cellos, violas as well.


His technique and level of craftmanship, with his attention to detail has earned him many loyal clients.


Thomas Fel lives in Suffolk, England with his wonderfully supportive family and 2 children. Both of them enjoy playing violin, guitar, and other musical instruments as their hobbies.


If you are interested in an apprenticeship or going to see Thomas Fel’s workshop, then get in contact.


This website is designed to help bring more attention to his work beside word of mouth. Along with inspiration that he has taken from art and music.

Violin Cases 2

He is currently taking very limited orders of custom cases for various musical instruments. If you would like to find out more about how he makes these cases, then check out his page.


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