learning to play piano or guitar

Should I learn to play the guitar or the piano? 

It can be a difficult decision to decide whether you wanna learn to play the guitar all the piano. Obviously this website is mainly about violin but I get a lot of questions about 11 instruments as well. So when it comes to playing the piano you have to realise that play the piano it’s easy to begin with and then it gets much harder. Where is guitar has a higher learning curve in the beginning. Because you have to coordinate two hands to make it work. And then it gets easier for part but then also when you get to a more advanced stage similar to piano and start to get really hard again. So these are things to consider when you are thinking about whether you want to play the piano or guitar.


The other things to think about include what type of music you want to play as well. And whether you want to sing and play the instrument. If you want to be able to sing and play, I would say that the guitar is much easier to do that with, than the piano.

However if you want to write and compose music you can do a lot more with piano then you can with the guitar. You can do a lot with the guitar but it’s a bit more complicated and often the music theory mate seems a lot more confusing on the guitar than it does on the piano. One example is that to learn the notes on the guitar one note can be found in several places. Whereas on piano you get one key on the keyboard and that is the note. And you can only find the note in one place only. Which is why the guitar can be confusing from the music theory standpoint. But it can be a lot quicker for people to learn how to strap on the guitar and play several calls and be able to sing along with it as well. Where was the coordination required to sing and coordinate two different parts in both hands on a piano is much harder.

Piano is also a much larger instrument as well. So guitar is a lot more portable, and for most people. A easier to purchase decision than suddenly having a piano in the house. 

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