The history of music is as old as human beings are.

In all possible ways, music has contributed greatly to the lives of human beings. A lot of proof indicates that primitive people established old flutes from bones and utilized stones and wood to have different types of music in their lives. Another perspective of human beings is a language that they used to communicate. This language also primarily based on sound or voice.

This was the first important step that was adopted to travel a long distance of music. To further understand music history, it can be divided into different periods of human history. This is also called the known or recorded history of music.

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The affiliation of the West with the East also merged the music into one, from the land of Greece and then to the Romans. Music spread through the long journeys travelled by the nomads. These gipsies diversified the music. Different musical instruments were used for particular purposes. Like, if there were to have an announcement to make, the trumpet was used. Music was included in the prayers especially in the churches of Europe in the first century.
If we look at the medieval period, we will learn that by this time, music had taken the central position in churches and taverns alike. Music was being used throughout the society from a king to a peasant. This was the beginning of the familiarity of the music which late kept increasing over the years and this happened with the invention of notation.

Renaissance period further bolstered the foundation of music. It was in this period that air, brass, and percussion came into being and made music more sophisticated and more valuable. This was the period of musical instruments. Many instruments that we have today belong to this period.

The Baroque period that starts in the sixteenth century further witnessed a huge addition to composing and creations of music through new instruments. From here, music entered into the modern era. This was the period when European music dominated other world music. Most important composers of that time include Handel, Bach, and Vivaldi.

Moreover, with the invention of the piano, the history of music stepped into the classic period of the 18th century. The piano was more dependable and it could make more expressive music. It enhanced the scope of music manifold. Chamber as well as orchestral music was the major feature of music during the classic period. But the most significant trends in music were seen during the Romantic period as music had diversified alongside the diversification of the instruments.

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